Kung Fu Boogie Kickstarter Launch Details

Kung Fu Boogie Kickstarter Launch Details

Kung Fu Boogie is going live on Kickstarter on October 8th, just a few days away! Today I’d like to dive deep into Kung Fu Boogie so you can know what to expect from this amazing new product. From compelling gameplay using cutting edge tech to a focus on nonviolent games and eco-friendly toys, Playper has created something really special with Kung Fu Boogie.  So let’s break down just how exactly you will “Battle to the Boogie”!

Kung Fu Boogie really consists of two major products.  There is the augmented reality (AR) game as well as the paper toys of all the characters.  The fun starts when you get your first character from a blind bag.  It’s always fun to discover who you got to play with this time, and the toy is perfect for young kids. It is made entirely out of paper, Playper is fully dedicated to breaking the habit of using plastic in toys, so that it can be recycled. It is also especially safe as the paper toy requires no scissors or glue to construct. Constructing the toy is half the fun! Punch out your full color character design and fold it together to create your Kung Fu master.

It’s at this point that the second product, a completely free to download and play mobile app, comes in. The app leverages the latest in AR technology to bring the toys to life in a truly magical way. Start by scanning the face of the toy you just created and it springs to life, ready to show off all its best Kung Fu dance moves. “Battle to the Boogie” by choosing your favorite dance move to score points against your opponent. Send water, wind, feathers, or any number of obstacles at the enemy, and try to defend yourself when they strike back. Defend by swiping to dodge or block the enemy’s moves. At the end, only one can be victorious!

Kung Fu Boogie has all the excitement of a great fighting game, but without any of the violence. Playper is committed to making nonviolent games and products. It’s important to think about the kinds of media we expose our children to. While I’m not trying to talk down on violent games, there is a distinct lack of quality nonviolent choices. Here is a game to help fill that gap. It evokes feelings brought on by some of the most popular games ever. The dance and music fun of games like Just Dance or Dance Dance Revolution, the excitement of combat like Street Fighter, and yet your only weapon is your boogie! This is a product I can really support, and a Kickstarter worth donating to.

So, who created this amazing product? Something sitting at the intersection of crafting and gaming to create unique ways to play. Something nonviolent and eco-friendly perfect for kids of all ages. Well it is the creation of three amazing people with a long history in kids products. Webb, Chief Executive, Susy, Chief Operations, and Michael, Chief Creative are the talented creators of this incredible toy and game. Between them they have experience with Disney, Netflix, Scholastic, Lucasfilm, Walden Media, Creative Artists Agency, Pixar, and Dreamworks including creating successful apps and even winning an Emmy! It’s easy to donate to a product made by people with those kinds of creditials.

With the Kickstarter about to start details are coming out about Kung Fu Boogie and the incentives being offered for donors. These incentives are numerous and enticing. They include copies of characters, cool Kung Fu Boogie swag, and even getting your name in the credits!! The Kickstarter has lots more detail and information on Kung Fu Boogie, Playper, its founders, and much more! It talks about the commitment to being green and eco-friendly as well as the dedication to nonviolent games. This post has been updated with links to the Kickstarter, and here are the websites for Kung Fu Boogie and Playper.  Get excited and prepare to “Battle to the Boogie!”

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