Meet the Characters of Kung Fu Boogie

Meet the Characters of Kung Fu Boogie

Kung Fu Boogie is an augmented reality dance battle game for kids. Using paper crafted characters, this game is something really special that bridges the gap of physical and digital play. It does so with super fun, exciting gameplay. Also, it accomplishes this with an exciting cast of unique characters. Here’s a profile on each character, who will you choose to boogie with?

Chuck Lee

Chuck Lee leaps into the scene! He is the true Kung Fu Master, and the godfather of Kung Fu Boogie. Can you take on the master? Or will you remain the student?


Pinball may look like a little girl, but don’t underestimate her! Her giggly, shy exterior hides her incomparable Kung Fu skills! Be ready, her moves can surprise any opponent!


Watch out for the ladies man, programmed to dance, Modus! As a robot, Modus can pull off moves no one else can, like sending his arms rocketing around! Modus doesn’t just DO the robot, he IS the robot!


Majesta is little more than a mystery to her opponents. Rumors say she is actually a ghost and has a power arm that can’t be beat. But it’s no rumor that her Kung Fu is masterful!


Alchemy floats speechless towards the dance floor. She moves to the beat and her dance creates magic, throwing energy and fire at you. Can your Kung Fu dance defeat her?

Rico Max

Prepare to be amazed by how light on his feet this burly bouncer by night and landlord by day truly is. Rico’s a hard working dancer who is proud of his strong latin heritage.


Aura isn’t afraid to let you know what she thinks. Prepare for funky funny taunts! “That’s right, suga’!” She’ll wow you with her funky soul train moves, so bring your best dance!


LP’s clumsiness doesn’t stop him from throwing his weight around! Prepare for the power of a big man’s clumsy dance, as LP stumbles his way to dance glory!

Jet Farnum

Jet Farnum is what you get when Evel Knievel knows Kung Fu! This macho man is positive he’ll be the champ! Prove him wrong and show you’re the daredevil of dance moves!

Cedric Ji

Cedric Ji’s sharp moves come flying at you from his lanky arms and legs. You’ll be stunned by his acrobatic moves as he flips and spins his way into the halls of dance legend!

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