Do You Know What Your Kids Are Playing?

Kids and video games go hand in hand. Especially in today’s world of persistent technology with smartphones, computers, game consoles, and even TVs being capable of providing gaming experiences. However, it is important for parents to not just know what games their kids might be playing, but also know what kind of experience that gameContinue reading “Do You Know What Your Kids Are Playing?”

What Makes Games Fun?

Such a simple question can be answered in a multitude of ways. Everyone has their own opinions on what is fun, it is an inherently subjective answer. I believe there are several major components that contribute to the fun of a game. Characters drive fun by connecting us with the game in personal ways. MechanicsContinue reading “What Makes Games Fun?”

Meet the Characters of Kung Fu Boogie

Kung Fu Boogie is an augmented reality dance battle game for kids. Using paper crafted characters, this game is something really special that bridges the gap of physical and digital play. It does so with super fun, exciting gameplay. Also, it accomplishes this with an exciting cast of unique characters. Here’s a profile on eachContinue reading “Meet the Characters of Kung Fu Boogie”

Augmented Reality Level Design

Level design takes on whole new aspects when you apply it to augmented reality(AR) games. Often level design principles are overlooked when creating AR games. This leads to games that don’t really utilize the technology to its fullest. Level design in an AR game is inarguably fundamentally different from that of a traditional game. ThisContinue reading “Augmented Reality Level Design”

Compelling Characters Matter

Compelling characters make for compelling games. We have seen this time and time again throughout the history of games. Compelling characters can be created in a number of different ways. No matter how unique games become, those with compelling characters continue to rise to the top. Modern developers need to keep these principles in mindContinue reading “Compelling Characters Matter”

The World of Connected Play

Connected play is a big term in the toy industry today, and even in a number of industries targeted towards younger audiences. This type of play exists as a result of our technology driven world. Kids today are looking for a new kind of experience when they play, and it is important to provide themContinue reading “The World of Connected Play”

The Benefits of Multisensory Experience

Our world is filled with a variety of things that stimulate various senses in various ways. As a result, it is important for people, especially young children, to learn how to interact with the world using all their senses. Having multisensory experience has some serious benefits for anyone who experiences them. Even more so, peopleContinue reading “The Benefits of Multisensory Experience”

Keeping Nonviolent Games Exciting

Nonviolent games have existed since the beginning of video games. However, in modern times developers and gamers alike are looking for more of these experiences. Violence in games is so common that some gamers grow tired of it, and developers don’t find it challenging to create these kinds of games. Beyond that there are modernContinue reading “Keeping Nonviolent Games Exciting”

The Future of Creative Play: PLAYPER

Creative play is something we want to encourage and often aspire to. We miss those days as a child of boundless creativity. The idea of building something from nothing and bringing it to life with imagination. It’s difficult to hold on to as we grow older, but we recognize its importance. There’s plenty of evidenceContinue reading “The Future of Creative Play: PLAYPER”

Kung Fu Boogie Kickstarter Launch Details

Kung Fu Boogie is going live on Kickstarter on October 8th, just a few days away! Today I’d like to dive deep into Kung Fu Boogie so you can know what to expect from this amazing new product. From compelling gameplay using cutting edge tech to a focus on nonviolent games and eco-friendly toys, PlayperContinue reading “Kung Fu Boogie Kickstarter Launch Details”

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