Unique Approaches to Gaming and Play

The modern gaming industry is filled with people trying to innovate in every way they can.  People who are passionate about games and what they can do. They seek new and novel approaches to games and play that will entice audiences for generations to come.  Lately, there are a couple of major interesting trends inContinue reading “Unique Approaches to Gaming and Play”

Interview with the Creators

I recently had the opportunity to ask some questions to Playper, the creators of the upcoming augmented reality (AR) game Kung Fu Boogie. If you’re not familiar with it already, Kung Fu Boogie is a new AR Dance Battle game for kids.  It integrates crafting 3D characters made 100% out of paper with all the funContinue reading “Interview with the Creators”

Benefits of Games for Kids

Gaming, whether it be Video Games, Mobile Games, or interactive Apps, has a litany of benefits for school aged children and adolescents. Exposing your children to the right games can have a significant positive impact on their whole life.  It can help develop skills and abilities that will be useful for years to come.  AndContinue reading “Benefits of Games for Kids”

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